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Brush & Roller Mfg Co. is a specialist in durable and technologically sound products in the brushes and rollers category. You’re at the right destination if you’re seeking the best brushes and rollers built to last and enhance usage experiences a good deal. Our arsenal of products cover almost everything you’ll need, right from Paddle and Slotted Paddle Rollers, Plastic Handle FRP/GRP  Brushes, Spiral or Finned Rollers, Corner Rollers, Wooden Handle FRP/GRP Brushes and last but not the least, Bubble Bust Roller.

The applications are numerous, covering a wide spectrum of industries. Our specialty rollers help in fiberglass lamination for instance while glass reinforced plastic painting is made possible with our array of brushes and rollers alike. And these are only two instances.

Check out our wide variety of products catering to uniquely specific needs with widespread application. Your journey doesn’t just stop with you buying products from us online. We’re there to provide support and assistance, right from tips and tricks for cleaning your brushes/rollers to maintaining them suitably and giving them a longer life. Under our Composite Moldings brand, we take care of diverse needs, ranging from brackets and cornices to complete facades, doors, sculptures and murals, pergolas, doors, gazebos, waffle slab molds and a lot more! Our product lineup also includes offerings such as pots and planters, pillars and balusters, screens and signages among others.

Brush & Roller Mfg Co. is your one-stop solution for quality brushes and rollers that help bring your vision to life in ways grander than you can imagine!